So stand in the rain
And one day, whats lost can be found

{ Kurosaki Masaki }
黒崎 真咲
E c h t Q u i n c y
lost her mind
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    The next words, for all their altruism, were ones that
      he wasn’t sure how to answer. Quincy were — only
      to his eyes — so weak and wretched, the ones he
      had killed and attacked always fearing him, but she
      didn’t. Masaki never had; and for what it was worth, 
      he valued it excessively. An admirable r a r i t y.
      Everyone else was so competently  intimidated,
      afraid. But not this one, no. She barely judged him
      either. Accepted him.

         [ And for the embodiment of destruction,
                    Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, to be accepted,
                                                                  …it felt satisfying. ]

      As a creature which thrived on devouring souls and
      constantly stirring war wherever it may be found,
      he couldn’t guarantee that she would never lose him.
      Because someday, she may. Someday, he would be
      struck down — her son, after all, had come close to
      ending his existence. And dare he think, more than 

                     ”I can’t promise you won’t.”


                    Her eyes flicked away,
          maybe she shouldn’t even feel this way.
        She frowned, she wanted to say something.
                      She rubbed her arms,
           what would Isshin say about this?

               Isshin never crossed her mind,
                 she was awful wasn’t she?
          Her nails pressed into her hands,
                what about her family.
       But she didn’t even remember them,
            but she still loved them right?

                    Around Grimmjow the thought
                         of Ichigo and the others,
                they didn’t seem to cross her mind.
             She was indeed awful wasn’t she?

               He was right
                  she knew that,
     she was the last of the Kurosaki clan,
    she knew death happened all around her.

          “Everyone will die one day,
      don’t think I’m not aware of that.
          I-I.. j—just..losing you
    I know what you and Ichigo do,
        but I still can’t remember him….
Even if you ki—..hurt him,
I can’t change how I feel you know.”

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        Sometimes he scorned himself for taking
          a liking to anything that wasn’t hollow.
          Shinigami and Quincy were the worst. He
          was aware, on many levels, how wrong it 
          was to even speak to a woman he knew
          adhered to having affections for him.
          Ones he was not blind to, but failed to
          always comment on.

              “Consider it a good thing.”

          Ah, she was curious as to how he was?
          Words on his life were never necessary.
          It was her who held his interest, not 
          himself. The question was dismissed.

                   ”—… …”

          And yet he enjoyed speaking with the 
          enemy. He couldn’t quite grasp why, but
          he relished the opportunity. The attention.


                              “—Tell me, do I scare you?

          He never failed to make her smile,
         maybe it was down to her memory.
        She knew smiling was rare for her,
                             well a real smile anyway.

                    There it was she was right.
                              [ Never knowing ]
     She’d never know what happened with him
                                Why would she?
                               She could guess,
        she knew it was things she’d have to kill him for.
                  Yet sending him to his death?
                     That would never happen,
                                  well not in her hands anyway.



                     Being scared of the male,
                was she? Had she ever been?
          No. But Masaki could see the good in everyone,
                       fear was a stupid thing.
               Why should she be scared?
           Being scared would make her weak.
                    Right now her only weakness was him.

               "No? Why would you?
                                    I’m scare of losing you..but that’s different.”

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"Maybe I should go outside and work on things,
                                             but inside has food…hmm.”

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Quincies were such quaint little things. Really.
     It amused him more than he would have liked.
     A flash of that same characteristic grin spread
     across his features, and he tilted his head,
     clicking his tongue.

                       And she hadn’t changed.


    “Ya strike me as the sorta
     person who would do

     It felt bizarre, speaking with her like this, as if it 
     was another other kind of conversation. As if it
     was just any other kind of day. But it wasn’t.
     Now that she was back, it was an extremely
     interesting day for the Sexta Espada to take note 

                      Maybe she shouldn’t worry.
                        It was only Grimmjow.
                      That was also odd to say,
            he was an Espada He was the enemy was he not?
                        No…not in Masaki’s eyes.

                      Maybe that was down,
                              to her feelings for him
           feelings that she shouldn’t really have.
                                                    But love was love


                    “Oh? I’m not overly sure if that is good more not.” 

                        Asking how he was,
                       yeah she could do that.
                         But it was still scary
                         She wanted to know,
                        but she knew he
                             wouldn’t give her a answer.

                                          “What have you been doing then?”

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             It’d been a while, right?
             But then, these Kurosakis 
             vanished and reappeared 
             all the time, didn’t they?

                      “How’s life treatin’ you?

     Oh it was weird,
         she wanted to act like she’d seen him yesterday.
        But how could she? She hadn’t seen him in what?
                                { A few months? }
           Her heart fluttered at the sound of his voice,
                              god she forgot how he did that to her.

                      “OH! Life has been you know lifey?
Kinda been busy with training, I guess I lost track of time?”

              Her feet pushed into the ground,
                       oh she felt stupid.
         She felt herself becoming nervous again,
              but maybe that was down to her family
disowning her if they knew whom she was speaking with.

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